searching for researchers in Ukraine #ukraine

Linda <larrlee21@...>

I am looking for researchers in Ukraine to assist with detailed searching of 19th century (and earlier) records of all types (family, business, military, etc.). We have done significant research >from here in the US and now need to explore documents and other sources that might best be researched onsite in Ukraine.

Does anyone on the list have experiences with contacting and contracting researchers in Ukraine, and would be willing to share your evaluations of those experiences?

Most of our searching is in the area of Kiev and nearby, and the towns/oblasts of Cherkasy and Brusilov.

Please feel free to respond to me directly.


Linda Arret

Chevy Chase, Maryland

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Check the JewishGen infofiles at
for a list of researchers and their references. Please reply privately.

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