1859 Cadastral Map of Kolomyja in the Gesher Galicia Map Room #ukraine


The city of Kolomyja (Kolomyia, Kolomea) is featured in an 1859
cadastral map newly posted on the Gesher Galicia Map Room:

Although significantly discolored and blurred by water and mold
damage, this historical map has survived intact and its sheets retain
their clarity for property boundaries as well as building and parcel
numbers. The map shows the dense and well-developed city center with
many masonry buildings, several churches and monasteries, two
Christian cemeteries, two Jewish cemeteries, and a complex set of
waterways derived >from the River Prut.

This historic paper map is preserved by the Central State Historical
Archives of Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL):

The GG Map Room home page: https://maps.geshergalicia.org/

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