Re: Question About Ukraine to US Travel Routes in 1912 #ukraine


I'm looking at the Ellis Island ship records at The first ship arriving at Ellis
Island >from Libau is the SS Smolensk on July 25, 1906. Ships >from Libau
continued to arrive regularly until August 14, 1914. Then there was a
seven-year hiatus, presumably due to WWI and the Russian Revolution.
Arrivals >from Libau resumed on March 3, 1921.

I would think that for immigrants >from the Ukraine, Libau would have been
easier to access than western Europe. But there may have been other
considerations. For example, I don't know if it was cheaper to sail from
western European ports than >from Libau (similar to how nowadays it may be
cheaper to fly >from an airport that's further away >from where you live, so
you travel to that airport).

SarahRose Werner
Saint John, NB Canada

RABINOWITZ: Chepovichi, Ukraine
GITTELMAN: David Gorodok, Belarus

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