Aleksandria Jewish community, Kherson gubernia (region), the year 1858 #ukraine


I read families of Aleksandria Jewish community, Kherson Gubernia
the year 1858.

Possibly a researcher will find the alphabetical order I made helpful.

Comment 1: There was a surname where the first letter in the surname
was not legible. This is the surname
?Imirvert, Avrum-Itsik son of Aron

Comment 2: if a woman's husband died by the year 1858 and she was a
widow, I wrote down her sons' names to mention them too.
Families of Jewish community is Aleksandria, the year 1858

Alter, Zelman Leyb son of Sruhl
Aronov, Freyde daughter of Duvid (widow of Avrum) and her sons:
Khayem-Aron, Shmuel, Itsko, Pinkhas

Bankov, Hersh Duvid son of Yankel
Berdichevsky, Hersh-Leyb son of Abrum), and his brothers: Baron,
Duvid, Volka, Aisik, Abrum
Berdichevsky, Khayem son of Yankel
Beresovsky, (a name, possibly Laska or Elozer) son of Hershko
Berezovsky. Mortkhe son of Getsel
Bershadsky, Hershko son of Sruhl
Bershadsky, Shmuhl son of Leyzer
Bershatsky, Hershko son of Leizer
Bobsky, Meyer son of Leyb
Bogoslavsky, Avrum-Shloyme son of Moshko
Bogoslavsky, Meyer son of Moshko
Bondarovsky, Leyb son of Shulem
Brailovsky, Avrum son of Paltiel
Brailovsky, Hershko son of Khayem
Brailovsky, Mikhel son of Yosif
Brodsky, Duvid son of Shulim
Brodsky, Moshko son of Hershko
Brodsky, Volko son of Shimon (or son of Shmuel)
Bromberg, Moshko son of Yankel
Brum, Yankel son of Meyer
Buchitsky Sima (widow of late Leizer Buchitsky), daughter of Mortkhe,
her son Duvid-Hersh, son of Leizer
Bulatovsky (or Bulakhovsky), Duvid-Itsek

Chechelnitsky (widow of late Berko Chchelnitsky) Pesia, daughter of
Volka, her son Avrum
Chechelnitsky, Mordkhe son of Hershko
Cherniavsky, Hershko son of Aron
Chigirinsky, Berko son of Avrum

Dashevsky, Avrum son of Leyb
Dashevsky, Mendel son of Volko
Dubnitsky (or Dobinsky), Sruhl-Hersh son of Meyer
Dubnitsky, Yankel son of Kalmen
Duvidovich, Shloyme son of Duvid

Feldman, Leizer son of Moshko
Fiskel, Yankel son of Yoys
Frenkel, Berko son of Duvid
Frenkel, Gitlya daughter of Moshko (widow) and her son Nukhim-Leyb Frenkel

Gaisinsky, Volko son of Borikh
Galvanevsky, Leyb son of Itsko
Garokhovsky, Volko son of Mikhel
Gaysinsky (or Haysinsky), Fishl
Girikhovsky (Garakhovsky), Zelik son of Mikhel
Gitronberg, Meyer son of Abram
Golovanovsky, Itsko son of Yankel
Golovansky, Volf son of Hershko
Golovinsky, Malke daughter of Yankel (widow), her sons: Khayem, Leyb,
Samoyla, Shloyme, Itsko
Gorokhovsky, Leyb son of Hershko
Granovsky, Shaps (or Shania)
Granovsky, Zelik son of Meyer
Grushetsky, Itsko son of Shmuel

Kalnitsky, Ester daughter of Berko (widow of late Hershko) and her son Meylakh
Kaminsky, Hershko son of Tsal
Kaminsky, Khayem son of Elye
Kaminsky, Leye daughter of Leyb (widow)
Kaminsky, Smerko-Yosif
Kaminsky, Sruhl |Hersh son of Avrum
Kaminsky, Sruhl son of Leyb
Khalamov (or Khalatov), Zelman son of Moshko
Khodorovsky,Kiva son of Moshko
Kogan, Avrum son of Aron
Kogan, Leyb son of Mortkhe
Konstantinovsky, Khayem Hersh
Konstantinovsky, Khayem son of Hershko
Konstantinovsky, Moyshe-Duvid son of Ben
Koretsky, Avrum son of Mikhel
Koretsky, Berko son of Khaskel
Koretsky, Leizor son of Mikhel
Korsunsky, (name is not clear)
Krasnopolsky, Sheyne daughter of Mark (widow) and her sons: Moshko,
Mortkhe, Meyer, Yankel
Kubinsky (or Skubinsky), Yankel-Mendel son of Kiva

Leventiak Royse daughter of Froim (widow of Leventiak, Yankel son of
Pinkhus) and her son: Nukhim
Leybovich, Yankel son of Leyb

Manastirsky, Khayem son of Mortkhe
Medvedev, Meyer-Itsek
Mizikovsky, Itsko son of Yosif
Morozovsky, Itsek
Morozovsky, Sruhl son of Meyer
Nayman, Yosif
Nemerovsky, Itsko son of Tovel (Dovid)
Nemerovsky, Sruhl of Shneyer
Nemerovsky, Yankel son of Tovel (Dovid)
Nemerovsky, Yoys son of Volko
Nemirovsky, Berko son of Yosif
Nemirovsky, Yoys son of Yankel
Nemirovsky, Yoys son of Yoyne
Nemovetsky, Moshko son of Meyer

Ostrovsky, Berko son of Khayem
Ostrovsky, Yankel son of Aron

Pertsov, Leizer son of Perets
Pertsov, Leyzer son of Leyb
Pertsov, Samson son of Leyb
Pinkus, Hershko son of Israel
Pogrebetsky, Leyb son of Sruhl
Poliak, Avrum son of Tsodek
Poliakov, Moshko son of Yankel
Poliakov, Shmuel son of Khuna
Pozniansky, Meyer son of Avrum

Ratsevsky, Gdal son of Fishl
Rosenberg, Simon son of Moshko

Savransky, Itsko son of Anshl
Segal Feyge (widow of late Hershko Segal), her son Nusn
Shargorodsky, Shmuel Hersh son of Duvid
Sheiderov, Avrum son of Yosif
Sheiderov, Duvid son of Yudko
Shneiderov, Khayem-Duvid
Shneiderov, Samson son of Duvid
Shor, Avrum son of Yankel
Shwarts, Mortkhe son of Itsko
Silber, Mortkhe son of Moshko
Sirotina, Yankel son of Aron
Skubinsky (or Skibinsky, or Kubinsky), Yankel-Mendel son of Kiva
Slutsky, Aron-Usher son of Khayem
Smoliansky, Meyer
Sokolovsky, Mortkhe son of Leyb
Sokolovsky, Moshko son of Shimon
Sokolovsky, Moyshe son of Usher
Sokolovsky, Sruhl son of Avrum
Sokolovsky, Yudka son of Leyb
Sorkin, Sruhl-Berko, son of Fayvush
Steklov, Moshko son of Hershko

Tarnapolsky, Yankel son of Zavel (Shmuel)
Tartakovsky, Aron son of Leyb
Teplitsky, Hershko son of Duvid
Teplitsky, Tevel son of Mordko
Torgovetsky, Fishl son of Shloyme

Ulanovsky, Tevel (Dovid) son of Volka
Ulman, Sruhl son of Elye
Umansky, Avrum son of Khayem
Umansky, Itsko son of Meyer
Umansky, Meyer son of Hershko

V????berg (possibly Vineberg or Vaisinberg), Yankel son of Berko
Venetsky (or Vinnitsky), Yoys son of Mot

Yampolsky, Berko son of Meyer
Yampolsky, Gitlya (widow)
Yampolsky, Yankel son of Hershko
Yampolsky, Yoys son of Moyshe
Yanpolsky (or Yampolsky), Leyb son of Leizer
Yaroshevsky, Nuta son of Shulim
Yaroslavsky, Berko son of Moshko
Yosevich, Leyb son of Yosef

Zamakhovsky, Zelman son of Khayem
Zaslavsky Royse, daughter of Avrum (widow of lateHershko Zaslavsky)
and her son: Avrum
Zaslavsky, Khayem son of Mikhel
Zeytman, Shaya son of Duvid
Zeytman, Shaye Nusin son of Yosif
Zhivotinsky, Abram son of Hershko
Zhivotinsky, Avrum son of Hershko
Zhivotinsky, Avrum son of Nukhim
Zlatopolsky, Shulem son of Moshko

Best regards, Vladimir

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