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Let me make a pitch for an additional solution. There is a "Jewish
DNA Project" at FTDNA that can be reached at
The left side of screen has a request to join the group which you
should select. You can join this project even if you belong to a
surname project and a haplogroup project.
Of course, joining the Jewish Heritage Project is a good idea for an
overall study of Jewish ancestry. This project, among other large
Jewish studies, will also be included in my list of projects.

However, there are many surname studies out there, run by people who
are trying to specifically prove links between "unconnected"
families with the same surname. The majority of the projects at
FTDNA are surname projects that exist specifically for this reason.

The purpose of the Jewish project list will be to help show
JewishGenners who are new to DNA testing, or who are skeptical of
it, just what is out there already and to encourage them to use this
worthwhile tool in their genealogy research.

I recommend this because you can find deep relatives >from prior to the
time surnames were adopted. I have found fourteen others >from such
diverse locations as Kovno, L'viv, Oswiecim, Varin, Kamenets, etc.
These individuals with various surnames match my haplogroup and are
exact matches at twelve markers (or one off). Extended testing proves
that they share a rare haplogroup. Note that this also aids in the
understanding of Jewish migration through Europe.
Just a quick comment/clarification here. You do not need to
participate in a project just to find different-surname genetic
matches. Just go to your FTDNA Setup Preferences page and make sure
you have selected to be matched against the entire database instead
of being matched only to people in your projects. Limiting your
matches to your projects unnecessarily cuts you off >from the
majority of FTDNA's database, which now includes over 100,000 DNA

Elise Friedman
Baltimore, Maryland
Palevsky: A Genealogical Study

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