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On 2006.07.23, Elise Friedman <> wrote:

[...] joining the Jewish Heritage Project is a good idea for an
overall study of Jewish ancestry. This project, among other large
Jewish studies [...]
As Elise mentioned, there actually are more than a few projects
exploring Jewish genealogy. My suggestion would be that if you had any
questions, to contact Bennett Greenspan at FTDNA, who is an extremely
friendly gentleman who has been an incredible help to me with my own

My project actually focuses on R1b Jews who have a definitive history
of Jewish lineage without conversion. This project started out in
March and most assumptions circled around recent conversions,
intermarriage or other such admixtures.

_However_, fifty members later we seem to have found evidence that
might support less admixture that we'd thought. Rather, all but two of
our members have no matches (past Y12) in Western Europe, and actually
have several matches in the Middle East (especially Turkey and
Armenia), Spain, Portugal and South America.

Evidence >from research papers seems to hint of an Eastern R1b that was
the progenitor of Western R1b. Furthermore, recent results >from Deep
Clade tests and DYS markers might well hint at ancient origins with
the Jewish people. Most of this comes >from loose theories backed by
educated hypothesis and what evidence we've found in our markers, but
it's been enough that FTDNA and some leading scientists are quite
interested in our project. There is a good chance that we might find
something of true significance outside of presumed admixture in the
1400s, middle ages, Roman times or what have you.

Additionally, 6 out of our 20 DYS393=12 R1bs, 393=12 being a rare
result >from a _very_ slow mutating marker that seems to find its
origins in Anatolia (modern day Turkey) and the near Middle East,
happen to have an oral history of being Kohanim. Furthermore, our
project is almost evenly split between 393=12 and 393=13, though even
our 393=13s have little or no matches in Western Europe.

Just thought I'd offer my own plug as well as something of interest!

Sean Silver
R1b Jewish project administrator

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