Re: (Ukraine) Access to Records of Repressive Regimes 1917-1991 #general


I opened and read the website.
To add to what Roman Ravve kindly advised.

This website "Rehabilitated by history" is a national data collection
of repressed people in the past. It has a search tool, using which you
can search inside the website. But you do not enter anything. You
simply can choose options of sorting out the information for you, for

by alphabet
by place of birth
by place of residence
all text
total search

The website has information in Ukrainian language. Reading it would be
possibly difficult for some of you. I speak Ukrainian, Russian and
English and can help.

best regards, Vladimir Kreschyshyn
in Ukraine

On Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 10:50 PM, Roman Ravve roman.ravve@...
<ukraine@...> wrote: - some names.

Roman Ravve
NOTE: The site above is in Ukrainian.

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