Re: Kalladey, Budweiser Kreis, Bohemia and Merging Family Trees #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Tsvi Sinai [Israel] writes:

I am a bit surprised by your links with Peter
Barber, Celia. I was sure that Peter's ancestry is
from Poland, as we have a common cousin, Eve Klein,
nee Barber. She is my first cousin, born in Bratislava
[the same as I] >from the Fuchs-Redlich (Bisenz) side
and Peter's second cousin >from the Barber side.

Well Tsvi - what you do not realise is that now your
tree and Peter Barber's, Ruth Coman's and mine have
also merged ... and possible Jane Reber's and Randy
Schoenberg's too.

The link is real and confirmed:

[changed to Kerner].

The latter family is mine.

Now you must work out the following link with Peter:

all linked.

Links [chains] are very complex but fun! And that
should be one of our "raison d'etre", namely to have a
bit of fun, with our fellow SIGGERS!

So, tonight there will be dancing in the streets of
Bisenz and Bratislava [Pressburg, Presporek, Pozsony]
too. More Bim Bam Bom all around.

How many more links can we find? I have recently found
a link for a 1790s Bremen-Danish POLLAK family with a
Sephardic family >from Livorno, [dello STROLOGO],
resident in Alexandria, Egypt since the 1850s. These
POLLAKS are probably linked to some of ours - if we
only knew how.

That is what I understand by the "Family Tree of the
Jewish People".

Celia Male [UK]

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