Ukraine SIG Projects and Volunteering (was "Asking for maps") #ukraine

Janette Silverman

Aharon Refael Schvetz asked about Ukraine SIG taking on a map project.
JewishGen, including Ukraine SIG operates with very few exceptions, by
volunteers. Gesher Galicia is a separate organization. If Aharon or
anyone is volunteering to take on a map project such as the one Jay
Osborne has been working on for many years, we would gladly have you
take on such a project. When people ask if the SIG can take on the
project, the answer is generally a question asked right back - are you
willing to take on what you are suggesting?

As volunteers, all of us have our plates full attempting to ind a
balance between our full time day jobs, our families and our volunteer
jobs. The "SIG" is not a private company - it is completely dependent on
a volunteer work force. Are you ready to join the hundreds of people
already volunteering? Please don't suggest projects unless you are
willing to take on the work it involves.


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

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