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Gesher Galicia has added three new inventories of Jewish records from
state archives in southeastern Poland - with thanks to Pawel
Malinowski for his valuable assistance. These list all the Jewish
Galician vital records (and in some cases community records and
municipal records) >from the state archive branches in Nowy Sacz,
Przemysl and Tarnow. Inventories for the archives in Rzeszow and Sanok
were added some months ago.

Where scans of record sets are available online, links to the page
images are given in all our online inventories. Inventories from
southeastern Poland can be found on the Gesher Galicia website at:

- Nowy Sacz archive: <>
- Przemysl archive: <>
- Rzeszow archive: <>
- Sanok archive: <>
- Tarnow archive: <>.

Gesher Galicia already has online inventories for the Jewish Galician
vital records in Fond 300 at AGAD, Warsaw:
- sorted by town: <> and
- sorted by file number: <>,
as well as for those at AGAD in Fond 424, at: <
There are also inventories for Jewish Galician vital records and some
community records >from the Ukrainian state archives (based in Lviv,
Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil), at:
- sorted by town: <> and
- sorted by file number: <>.

For the inventories of records held at AGAD and for those in Ukrainian
archives, a color-shading system shows the records indexed by Gesher
Galicia and searchable on the All Galicia Database, and those indexed
by JRI-Poland and available on their online database.

Inventories for Jewish records >from the National Archive in Krakow and
its sub-archive in Bochnia will follow in 2018, to complete Gesher
Galicia's inventories of the Polish and Ukrainian state archives
holding Jewish Galician records. The existing online inventories will
kept fully updated.

For further information, please contact: <>.
Please do NOT reply to this email.

Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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