First Cousin Marriages #ukraine

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Re: Not reporting first cousin Marriages to the authorities

In our family >from Kovel and Kamen-Koshirsky there are cousin marriages going back to 1800. The practice was common across the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe and helped bring about genetic endogamy and many of the diseases that are prevalent in the Ashkenazi community. I have only located European one civil marriage record in my tree of 2500, and that took place in 1900. Civil registration was costly, and many avoided civilly recording events of any type due to the conscription laws impact upon Jewish men.

In the US, we have several pairs of first cousins who traveled to New York State to marry because those marriages were legal there. I don't know what records you have, but your Philadelphia family may have had a small civil marriage in New York followed by a larger religious ceremony in Philadelphia.

Cynthia Klein
Grass Lake, Michigan

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