Re: Marriage Between First Cousins #ukraine


I tried, but to no avail. My paternal grandmother's sister married their first cousin and had the same last name,
same side of the family. The three children >from that union have since died, but I tried to get the grandchildren of
that union, at least one is male, to take a dna test to get a purer results of background. But he declined.

On Thu 03/05/18 12:28 PM , "Adam Cherson" sent:

Wondering if anyone has done dna comparisons between double-cousin
relatives. For instance, supposing I have a third cousin whose parents
are first cousins? How much more gene sharing is there between me and
my third cousin than there would be otherwise? Can I just double the
amount of expected gene-sharing since he is my third cousin in two ways? This
is not just an academic question since the situation can and does come
up with certain frequency in my research. I've posted this to the DNA
board as well. Thanks in advance....


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