Search for Information on Leib Prober and Family #ukraine

Carol Netta <carol.netta@...>

I am searching for any information on my grandfather Leib Prober and his
family in the old country. He came to the United States on November 26,
1896 with his wife Scheine (Bessie) Prober and three small children, Itzig
age 7, Pinches age 4 and Zlri age 2. Unfortunately, he died in December of
1902 and even though I know the cemetery where he is buried - no one has
been able to find his headstone to shed light on his father's name. In
addition, Philadelphia death records back then did not include any family
information. I know that my grandmother was >from the town of Shpola and I
have also found documentation that includes Zvenhorodka as well as Kiev.
Her maiden name was Rusabrov.

Hoping someone in our group might be able to assist with my research.

Thank you

Carol Prober Netta

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