Russian, Ukranian or Moldovan Town Name? #ukraine

Robin <murphy8@...>

I am trying to find a Russian/Ukrainian town or even a town in Moldova. I found a note >from my grandmother's daughter-in-law and I can't exactly make out the name of a town that she listed as to where my grandmother was from. It may have been one of the following spellings: Pitiosto, Pitiostiov, Pitiosti. I have been unable to find any town with these spellings. Immigration records show that that my grandmother was >from Pereyaslav (various spellings of this town too) and I am wondering if the above spellings may just have been an attempt, In English, for the daughter-in-law to spell Pereyaslav. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions either of actual towns that may exist or whether these towns are really just Pereyaslav.

Thanks very much;

Robin August
Asheville, NC

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