Re: Russian, Ukranian or Moldovan Town Name? #ukraine

Phyllis Kramer

Robin posted:

I am trying to find a Russian/Ukrainian town or even a town in
Moldova. I found a note >from my grandmother's daughter-in-law and I
can't exactly make out the name of a town that she listed as to where
my grandmother was from. It may have been one of the following
spellings: Pitiosto, Pitiostiov, Pitiosti.

Indeed there is a town called Pite=C5=9Fti aka, Piteshty, Piteshti in
Moldava is not on the JewishGen community pages, as it
didnt have a significant Jewish population or institution around
1900...but the name sounds similar to your family stories.

You'll find a map on our gazetteer (which has all the towns of eastern
europe) at

I queried towns beginning with Pit, in moldava today...came up with
this location: 4630latitude, 2833longitude...

there was a nearby "jewish" town of Chimishliya, Cimislia, about 12
miles away, you might want to start with that Community Page.
happy hunting...

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