Ukraine Records on FamilySearch #ukraine

Lara Diamond


Records filmed by the LDS that were acquired >from Ukrainian archives
are now available to view >from home with a free FamilySearch account.
While not all towns are covered, if records >from your town were
filmed, you could potentially find significant records on your family.

I wrote up instructions on how to see if records for your
town/district are included here:

Happy hunting!

Lara Diamond
Baltimore, MD

from Volhynia (near Lutsk, Horochov, Torchin): Diamond/Diamant, Fine,
Bajcz/Baich, Zutelman/Suttleman, Lazovnik, Garber, Veiner Halperin &

from Lubny, Poltava, Ukraine & Nezhin, Chernigov, Ukraine:
Tolchinsky/Tolchin, Lefand, Halperin

from Transcarpathian Ukraine (former Maramaros,
Austria-Hungary/Slovakia): Joshowitz/Yosovits, Rutner, Eizikovic,
Farkas, Fuchs, Vizel, Motyovics, Miller

from Shpikov & Krasnoye, Podolia, Ukraine: Sanshuck/Senchek,
Zubkis/Supkoff/Zypkoff, & Brandman

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