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Jay Nusholtz

I'm searching for information on my grandfather's family >from Kovel.
In 1921, emigrating >from Kovel to Philadelphia were:

Zalman (My Grandfather age 20)
Chaja (18)
Anna (12)
Fruma (Great Great Aunt 35)
Abraham (13)
Szmul (11)
Josef (9)

Other family members were documented by Zalman's Yahrzeit records:

Yahrzeit of Duddy

B"R Tzvi B"R Shima

20 in Shevat 5680 (1920)

Yahrzeit my grand father

R' Tzvi B"R Shimmy

3 of Hanukkah

Yahrzeit of my father R' Asher Jacob B"R Moshe Z"L

12th in Tamuz 5679


Yahrzeit of my mother

_Malye_daughter of Tzvi

1st of Sukkot 5676


Yahrzeit Dvora

daughter of Reuven

3rd of Tishrei 5676


We know that Anna BLUMENKRANZ was an Aunt to Zalman and sisters. (Sol,
Helen and Anna BLUM) and that her husband, David SHULMAN was responsible
for the group's safe passage to the US.  We do not know whether Anna was
a sister of Asher Jacob (the father) or Malye (the mother). Fruma was a
BLUMENKRANZ by marriage to Duddy Tzvi, referred to as "Harry BLUM" in
Josef's Social Security application. Fruma and Malye may have been sisters.

We're also aware of a cousin named Henryk KIPER, which may be helpful.

Any information on the family would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Jay Nusholtz
Owings Mills, MD

Researcher 29571

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