Need some guidance on how to read a set of records (Ukrainian or Russian?) #ukraine

Carole Shaw

I replied privately to the enquirer who posted the message but for everyone'S

Definitely Ukrainian. You can see that by their use of Roman i in certain
instances not Cyrillic for i Ukrainian is probably the closest lang to
Russian out of all the Slavonic langs. Any Russian speaker should be able
to it do it for you.

Re pdf docs - in 2008 there used to be a computer prog called abbyfine or
similar that converted pdf to word doc. Check on google search as the world
has moved on a lot since then.

NB: Google just offered me the option to translate and hey presto it worked
on the main page. When I clicked on the link to the first record it brought
up a pdf. When I looked briefly at the pdf, it seemed to me as if the
language is pre-revolutionary Russian, not Ukrainian. They changed spelling
rules after 1917. The more I scroll down it looks like Russian and very
clear handwriting, unlike some docs.

Carole Shaw
Sunny London (makes a change >from rain of last few days)

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