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Hi Eileen,

I would not say that names ending in -SKI were "usually" shortened,
but certainly they often were. In this particiular case, it is
possible that somebody after immigrating to America abbreviated
KARPACHEVSKY as KARP. But in Europe these were two different surnames
with two different origins.

KARP comes >from the Yiddish or German word for the fish that in
English we also call carp. KARPACHEVSKY indicates someone whose
origin was >from (or had some connection to) the shtetl of Karpachevo.

Be well,
David Osachy

On 9/24/18, Eileen Renee Serwer erserwer@...
<ukraine@...> wrote:
Were names ending with ski or sky usually shortened? I am trying to see
if Karp was one time karpechevsky.

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