Yizkor Book Project, September 2018 #ukraine

Lance Ackerfeld <lance.ackerfeld@...>


Without a doubt, September was definitely a record month for the Yizkor
Book Project. An important element behind this notable accomplishment,
is the people who prepare the web pages - Max Heffler and Jason
Hallgarten, who after their normal work day and other life activities
regularly manage to find some spare time to prepare and update a
multitude of pages each month. For their persistence and dedication, we
are truly indebted.

And if we are talking about dedication, I wish to note Lukasz Biedka's
coordination of the Przemysl Yizkor book over many years, which in this
past month bore fruit - the complete translation of this Yizkor book. I
send out my grateful thanks to Lukasz, who with the close collaboration
with professional translator, Jerrold Landau, together brought about
this lofty achievement.

At last count, we had 152 books that have been completely translated
within the Yizkor Book Project or include English books that were
generously donated to our project. Each month, the number in this list
continues to grow and I am certain that coming months will see more and
more of these projects completed. As always, if you are able to
financially support any of our ongoing translation projects to help us
realize our goals, bringing benefit to many, please see the link to our
JewishGen-erosity page at the end of this report.

Last month, we also saw the addition of another book published through
the auspices of the Yizkor Books in Print Project. The book I am
referring to is the "Memorial Book of Radzivilov" which is a translation
of the Yizkor book for the community of Radyvyliv, Ukraine. The talented
people in this project continue to devote time, after their usual life
commitments, to thoughtfully and carefully prepare the hard copy
versions of books that we have completely translated into English and we
do owe them our grateful thanks. For information about the books
available for purchase, please see the link at the end of this report.

And now for the additions and updates are what we've carried out during

We have added in one new book:

- Dubiecko, Poland (Dubyetsko)

- Otaci, Moldova (Memorial for Ataky: A Memorial Book for a Jewish
Community in Bessarabia - Supplements)

We have added in 3 new entries:

- Dorohoi, Romania (Generations of Judaism and Zionism in Dorohoi,
Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut - volume 3)

- Mielagenai, Lithuania (Svintzian region: memorial book of 23
communities) www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/svencionys/Sve1583.html

- Myslowice, Poland (Sosnowiec and the Surrounding Region in Zaglembie)

And we have continued to update 29 of our existing projects:

- Biala Podlaska, Poland (Book of Biala Podlaska)

- Bialystok, Poland (The chronicle of Bialystok)

- Borshchiv, Ukraine (The Book of Bortschoff)

- Czyzew-Osada, Poland (Czyzewo Memorial Book)

- Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland (Book of the Jewish Community of Dabrowa
Gornicza and its Destruction)

- Dieveniskis, Lithuania (Devenishki book; memorial book)

- Dorohoi, Romania (Generations of Judaism and Zionism in Dorohoi,
Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut - volume 1)

- Dynow, Poland (The Memorial Book of Jewish Dinov)

- Jonava, Lithuania (Jonava On the Banks of the Vylia; In memory of
the destroyed Jewish community of Jonava)

- Kovel, Ukraine (Kowel; Testimony and Memorial Book of Our Destroyed
Community) www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/kovel1/kovel1.html

- Kherson, Ukraine (Jewish Farmers in Russian Fields)

- Miechow, Charsznica & Ksiaz, Poland (Miechov Memorial Book,
Charsznica and Ksiaz) www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Miechow/Miechow.html

- Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland (Mezritsh Book, in Memory of the Martyrs
of our City)

- Minsk, Belarus (Minsk, Jewish Mother-City, a memorial anthology)

- Monor, Hungary (Bound by Fate: In Memory of the Jewish Community of
Monor) www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Monor/Monor.html

- Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, Poland (Memories >from Nowy-Dwor)

- Ozeryany, Ukraine (Memorial book, Jezierzany and surroundings)

- Plock, Poland (Plotzk; a history of an ancient Jewish community in
Poland) www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/plock/plock.html

- Przemysl, Poland (Przemysl memorial book)

- Smarhon, Belarus (Smorgonie, District Vilna; memorial book and
testimony) www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/smorgon/smorgon.html

- Stowbtsy, Belarus (Memorial volume of Steibtz-Swerznie and the
neighboring villages Rubezhevitz, Derevna, Nalibok)

- Svencionys, Lithuania (Svintzian region: memorial book of 23
communities) www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/svencionys/svencionys.html

- Tarnogrod, Poland (Book of Tarnogrod; in memory of the destroyed
Jewish community) www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/tarnogrod/tarnogrod.html

- Tarnow, Poland (The life and decline of a Jewish city)

- The Jacob Rassen Story

- Turobin, Poland (The Turobin book; in memory of the Jewish community)

- We want to live www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/WantToLive/WantToLive.html

- Wojslawice, Poland (Yizkor Book in Memory of Voislavize)

- Wyszkow, Poland (Wyszkow Book)

Some important links to note:

- This month's additions and updates are flagged at
www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html to make it easy to find them.
- All you would like to know about the Yizkor Books in Print Project
- Yizkor Book Translation Funds
where your financial support will assist in seeing more translations
go online.

All the best,
Lance Ackerfeld
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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