Kashapava and Lapkin #ukraine

Ignacio C. A. <ignaciocolome@...>

Hi everyone, This is Ignacio Colomé >from Argentina. I need some help here.. I´m trying to find some information about my great grandfather Marcos Kashapava; he probably was born in Kherson or Odessa region nearly 1890, he was son of Joseph and Rebecca Kashapava, they were a family of hairdressers.

He came to Argentina c.1917, and I have no information about his arrival here. So I'm not exactly sure about if his surname has change during his arrival, as here we speak Spanish and whe have other alphabet, is difficult to understand or write Yiddish or Ukrainian, or Russian..

I investigate that Kaschapava could also be Kashepava, Kashopava, Kashapova, Kashapov or something like that, and the name Marcos is just the castellanization of Marcus or some other name, same happens to Josep and Rebeca.
What do you think about this?

I have take also DNA tests for me and my father, you can take a look to our kits on FTDNA and I have uploaded them to GEDMACH (T874537 Ignacio Colomé and T468836 Henri Colomé).



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