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Re Shapiro

This is an old rabbinic family that traces its roots back to Rashi in 11th-Century France. Shapiro and its other variations like Schapera, Saphir, and Spiro all derive >from the name Spira, which in turn derives >from the German town of Speyer.

My Schapera ancestors in Galicia apparently come >from this rabbinic line also.

See page 347 and 348 of my 1977 book, Finding Our Fathers. But you'll find much more on the web since then.

Good luck!

Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA

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Are there any SHAPIRO experts out there? Where did the last name start? My branch started in Stolbsty, Belarus and in the Minsk area,,,last in Europe in Lubny, Ukraine. They were also known as Kahn-Shapiro or in the UK as Cohen. The wife came >from Timikovitz as Moskovitz. Date circa 1800.
Since the great grandfather died in Lubny,,Benjamin's father was Aron and mother Nushke.
Any help will be appreciated..Respond privately unless it helps others..


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