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David Osachy <osachy@...>

That's the folk etymology I was talking about. The old Jewish name
for the town of Speyer, is pretty much identical to a very nice
word in Hebrew and Aramaic that translates as "handsome" or

One can easily see the incentive for traditional Jews to attribute the
name Shapiro to this Hebrew word. It's a very nice word plus it's a
Jewish word. That sort of thing happened often with names, and even
with regular words and phrases in Yiddish. One could say that our
ancestors had the desire to Judaize everything in their common

The problem in this, as in so many other cases, is that it is not
historically accurate. The town was called Spira or Spire or Spiro
centuries before Jews came to live there, and the rabbinical family
that adopted the surname came >from the town.

Whether people named Shapiro are also handsome and pleasing, I will
leave for others to judge :)


Rabbi David Osachy

On 10/12/18, David Cherson
<> wrote:
Re: Shapiro

What about a Hebrew origin such as Sapir? I've always been under the
impression that this is the "root" of Shapiro.

David Cherson

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