Re: Yanovskoye Cemetery/ Lviv/Ukraine #ukraine

Igor Holyboroda

In her message of Wed, 24 Oct 2018 Marilyn Levinson wrote:

"Dear friends
I am trying to gain more information about the above cemetery. Is the name
Yanovskoye based on a place of that name, a town Janow or Yanow in Ukraine
or Poland? If not could anyone please explain where the name comes from.
My ancestor buried there is Rakhil Itskovaskaya. Is Rakhil a form of Rachel?
Her father's name is given as Ovseyevna. Is there a Hebrew
or Yiddish equivalent to this name? Thank you for your help."

Dear colleagues!
1. This cemetery in Lviv-Lwow-Lemberg is situated at Janivska
(Yanowska) street which is the beginning of the road in the direction
of the city of Janiv (old Polish name Yanuw-Lwowski, now it is called
Ivano-Frankowe, situated 35 km to the W >from Lviv). That is the reason
of the name of the cemetery - it is called due to the name of the
street, the street is called due to the name of the city.
2. I think Rakhil is a (Bible) form of Rachel.

Igor Holyboroda,
Lviv, Ukraine.

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