LUCHANSKY and MURAKHOVSKY families, Tarashcha and Koshevata #ukraine

Joseph Walder <jswalder@...>

I'm trying to find the 1897 and later census records for the town of Tarashcha, Tarashcha uyezd, Kiev gubernia, as well as post-1897 census records for the town of Koshevata/Kivshovata, also in Tarashcha uyezd. I have managed to find the 1897 census records for Koshevata/Kivshovata at a site that links to Ukrainian archives for Jewish records. I wish to look in these records for the surnames LUCHANSKY and MURAKHOVSKY. These relate to my ancestry through my maternal grandmother.

As far as I can tell, the records I'm seeking are not indexed at The Alex Krakovsky Project "Open Sources" (

If anyone knows where I might find the records mentioned above, please let me know. Important note: I do not actually read Russian, but after being shown how they are written in cursive script, I have been able to recognize the names of interest to me, at least in some census books. Unfortunately the handwriting in metrical books (birth/marriage/death records) is usually so cramped that I cannot recognize anything.

Many thanks for any help.

Joseph Walder
Portland, Oregon, USA

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The original records are in the Ukraine State Archives in Kiyiv. To our knowledge, they have not been translated or indexed. If anyone would like to
start a project, contact the Town Leader, Richard Baum. Contact information is on the Town Page at

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