Re: Y-DNA Research Studies of Rabbinical Lineages and Their Importance to Jewish Genealogy #rabbinic

Jeffrey Mark Paull

For a little over ten years now, my research team and I, have been conducting Y-DNA research studies which utilize both traditional genealogy and current DNA methods and technology to identify the unique Y-DNA genetic signature and ethnic origin of some of the world's most esteemed and historically significant rabbinical lineages and dynasties. These include the Katzenellenbogen, Lurie, Polonsky, Rappaport-Cohen, and Shapiro rabbinical lineages, and the Twersky and Wertheim-Giterman (Savran-Bendery) Chassidic dynasties, as well as the lineages descending >from the Baal Shem Tov, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev, Rabbi Naftula Cohen of Belaya Tzerkov, Rabbi Raphael of Bershad, Rabbi Yechiel Michel of Zlatchov, Rabbi Yehuda Heller Kahana of Sighet, and the Shpoler Zeida.

I am pleased to announce the posting of a research article in which I explain the importance of rabbinical heritage research studies to the practice of Jewish genealogy, and present an overview and summary of some interesting findings and observations drawn >from our Y-DNA research studies of the thirteen rabbinical lineages and dynasties mentioned above, including the defining haplogroup and subclade that is associated with the Y-DNA genetic signature for each of these lineages. The title of the article is: "Y-DNA Research Studies of Rabbinical Lineages and Their Importance to Jewish Genealogy," and you will find it posted at:

Jeffrey Mark Paull

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