Volunteer needed #ukraine

Janette Silverman

Dear Friends:
We have just finished a massive task of downloading the records Alex
Krakovsky posted on the wiki. We are very grateful to him for the job he
is doing. A volunteer is monitoring new additions to the wiki and we
need someone who can, each month, download the new additions and update
the spreadsheet we are using to track our data. Please let me know if
you are available for this. Please email me privately.

All of these documents join the vast trove of documents that are as yet
untranslated. There are well over half a million untranslated (and thus
unindexed) pages of documents waiting for volunteers to take on a project.

All of us at Ukraine SIG are volunteers and we all have busy lives, many
with one or more jobs and families. I only make this last comment
because I get many emails weekly that basically say to me "I would
volunteer but I'm too busy". Generally that same person is asking when
we will have records completed for a particular town. Check out your
town of interest on the Ukraine SIG website, get in touch with the town
leader to see what you can do, get in touch with the KehilaLinks owner
and see what you can provide to add to the wonderful material housed on
the KehilaLinks site. If there is no town leader volunteer to be one
and contact Chuck Weinstein - there's a link to his email on the page.

Hope to see you all in Cleveland,

Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

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