Question about camps in 1941 in Ukraine near the Transylvanian border? #ukraine

Susanna Vendel

After the Second Wienna Award in 1940-41 a brother and a sister of my
father (living in Oradea) fled across the border, to Ukraine. In 1960
our family, than living in Romania, got in touch with the sister (the
brother had died in a camp) who was at that time living in Mariinsk.
She told us that they were caught on the other side of the border and
put in a Soviet camp and after some years she was sent to Mariinsk
where she lived under harsh conditions. When I met her in 1998 she
did't want to tell me more about her life in the camp. I know only
that she raised her children in Mariinsk and they moved to Moscow
around aprox 1980. She is not living anymore.

I wonder if it is possible to find some information about the camps
near the Ukraine's border and about the deportees life in Mariinsk?
Even if there are registers or name lists etc.?

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

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