The identity of my 3rd great grandmother #ukraine

Claudia Bullock <cbulloc8@...>

My 3rd great grandfather was Rabbi Moses Katzenellenbogen, who studied
at the Volozhyn yeshiva under its founder, and later served as ABD in
Krementchug, Russia (Ukraine), where his only daughter (Eve Leah
Katzenellenbogen) was born around 1825-1829. I know quite a bit about
Rabbi Moses Katzenellenbogen, as well as his daughter, and all of her
descendants, and yet I have never been able to determine who his wife
was, and would very much like to know. Rabbi Moses was exiled at some
point and lived in many places including settling at some point at
Frankfurt Aum Main, where he had a number of books published. Eve
Leah was married to the Rev. Wolf Marcus Spero, with her first child
born in Germany and her 2nd child born in Jutland, Denmark, and later
settling in England, which is where her remaining children were born,
and where she is buried. Her death record has been indexed, however,
the record that is available online does not give the names of her
parents. I could order the official death certificate, but I don't
know if it would include the names of her parents since it is my
understanding that British death certificates usually don't include
the parents names, and perhaps if the parents names were on the death
certificate they would have been transcribed onto the index as well.

So... I'm thinking that a better option might be to try to locate a
birth certificate for Eve Leah, >from Krementchug, Russia, although I
do not know if this would be possible to find, and I'm not sure where
to look to find such a thing. I have tried searching online in the
past but have had no luck with it.

Any advice on how I might learn the identity of my 3rd great
grandmother, wife of Rabbi Moses Katzenellenbogen, and mother of Eve
Leah (Katzenellenbogen) Spero would be much appreciated. My thought
is that if she married a Katzenellenbogen, that surely this would have
been an arranged marriage and that she had to be >from a rabbinical
family as well.


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