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It is unlikely you will locate a birth record for Eve Leah KATZENELLENBOGEN, born ca. 1825-1829 at Krementchug, Russia. This will depend on whether metric books exist for this community at that time.

English death certificates/registers: The General Record Office at Kew offers a service whereby you may order a copy of an official death register entry. This is not a certificate. I've worked extensively with these records, and they do not include the names of the decedent's parents.

You indicate that Rabbi Moses KATZENELLENBOGEN published books in Frankfurt Am Main (Germany). You also mention that Eve Leah married Wolf Marcus SPERO, and that their first child was born in Germany. 

The answer to your research question may lie in German records. If Eve Leah's marriage took place in Germany, her mother's name may be registered on her marriage certificate/registry. Also, if her first-born child's birth is registered in Germany, sometimes the names of the four grandparents' surnames may appear in the record.

An additional possible avenue of research would be to look at the Yizkor Book for Krementchug. These books often contain a wealth of genealogical information, especially in regard to families of note such as a rabbinic line.

Best of luck in your search,
David Passman
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