My grandfather, Yicheel KRANZOV arrived at Ellis Island in 1906 >from Odessa.
He was met at Ellis Island by a brother, Moische. I am unable to locate
Moische other than in the records below. I wonder if this is the Moische who
met my grandfather.

JewishGen show that a Moische Kranzhof, born about 1867, arrived on the
Kroonland on July 25, 1903, going to meet a brother-in-law S. Greenberg.

My great-great grandfather, Leib KRANZOV was born 1848 possibly in Daschev.
His father's name was Leizor. Daschev research shows a Kravtsov which is
close enough as these things go. He also shows two 4 year-olds named Leizor
in the 1795 census who could be my great-great-great grandfather if he
fathered Leib when he was 57 (which would have been an achievement.)

Any information on these persons would be appreciated.

Leonard Kranser,
Dana Point, California

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