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I have posted two ViewMate files that I hope someone can help with.
They are passenger lists >from my ancestors that came >from Hamburg in
Oct. 1891 and landed in New York. Their American names are Newman,
Bertha, and Louis Peltz. I believe they were >from the Ukraine in the
Podolia region, though I am not sure, that is why I posted looking for
more clues.  The two lists show their given names to the clerk and where
they are from.  Their names are maybe their real names or what the clerk
wrote?  Maybe it sounds close to a Jewish name you have heard?  The town
name looks close to several in Podolia, maybe it sounds familiar to
you?  When they got to America they had the last name of Peltz, when
Bertha became estranged >from Newman she and the kids became Pelz's. 
Bertha's maiden name (or first marriage name) was Reed. She said that
she was Polish and spoke German growing up.  Newman's death certificate
said that he was >from Padalor Russia.  He always claimed that he was
Russian Yiddish.  The name on his Naturalization Papers was Neyman
Peltz. He also used Nathan Peltz.

All good clues that I don't have the skill set yet to solve.

Thanks for your time.

Gary Smith

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