Finding Passenger Manifest for Ruchla Fogel #ukraine

Marilyn Levinson

I would deeply appreciate any help in finding the passenger manifest for
Ruchla Fogel. Her date of birth is 1876 and her date of immigration is
In the United States she became known as Rose Fogel or Rosa Fogel. Her
first husband's name was Herman Fogel, in the States. I am not sure if he
Immigrated with his wife. Also I am not sure if the mother immigrated with
two daughters known in the states as Della and Thelma.
Ruchla Fogel's maiden name was Rudman or Radman. When her brother
immigrated in 1921 he gave his place of birth as
Shepetova. Ruchla's father's name was Pincus Rudman and her mother's name
was Malka Shanfeld or Greenfeld. I do feel
Confident that Ruchla immigrated under the name Fogel(or something similar)
her destination in the United States
Was Illinois. I thank you for your help.


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