Russian army records from world war one #ukraine

N. Summers

Does anyone know whether there are records of Jewish soldiers in the Russian army in World War I? I am trying to find enlistment records, discharge records or hospital/POW camp records. Also, I would appreciate any thoughts you might have on some of the inconsistencies in the story.

Background: My grandfather Sol Finkelstein served in the Russian army. I don't know whether this was White Russian or Red. I never heard any stories about it not being voluntary, but not sure exactly what happened. He was about 18 years old and >from Radzivilov, Volyn, Ukraine. Apparently he spoke several languages and I believe he served as a translator.

At some point he was injured and sent to a POW camp. Based on an old letter I found >from a family friend, I believe the camp was near Vienna, Austria. The friend describes him visiting family, which I find hard to imagine if he were a POW. I have a photo of Sol and two other young men wearing nice military-style uniforms without any insignia. An expert in military uniforms suggested that these were POW uniforms. It seems unusual to me that they would be permitted to have photos taken in a POW camp.

After the war he moved to Ostrog, Poland. I learned this as it was listed as his most recent place of residence on his passenger manifest to the US. Also, he met a Bookstein family >from Ostrog , traveled to New York with several of them in 1920 and then married their daughter Nora.

I appreciate any thoughts you might have or research ideas.

thank you

Nancy Summers
Maryland, USA

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