Master Surname Index Launched for Lyubar Ukraine Revision Lists 1816-1868 #ukraine

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

Introducing the "Lyubar, Ukraine Revision List Indexing Project" <> conducted by our
friend and partner Deborah Glassman. Based in Washington state, Deb is a
longtime volunteer, translator, and professional historical researcher in
the Jewish genealogy community. She has a personal interest in Lyubar as
well as in nearby Ostropol. We owe her our gratitude and awe as she created
both a "Page Index Finding Aid by Town" to the over 9,000 pages where Lyubar
and 12 other towns appear in 9 different Novograd-Volynsk District Revision
List books (other 12 towns are: Baranivka, Berezdiv, Horodnytsia, Korets,
Krasnostav, Myropil, Nova Chortoryia, Novohrad-Volynskyi City, Ostropol,
Polonne, Rohachiv, and Romaniv) AND she created a "Master Surname Index"
specifically for the 900+ pages where 601 principal Lyubar surnames were
found for Revision Lists and Supplements created between 1816-1868. Deb did
all of this translation and indexing work FREE of charge as a volunteer, and
members of the Lyubar Research Group funded the acquisition of the records.
-See the "Lyubar Master Surname Index for Novograd-Volynsk Revision Lists"
at: <>
 -Read Deb?s explanation about this project as well as historical background
information <>.
 -View/download free files of each Novograd-Volynsk District Revision
List (in handwritten Russian) that reside on Alex Krakovksy's Ukrainian Wiki
(Moderator Note - try
-Read my article about the free Novograd-Volynsk District Revision Lists
?Page Index Finding Aid by Town? on Lara Diamond's Jewnealogy Blog

And stay tuned, we've ordered the 1872-1874 Revision List and will add it to
this project soon!

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Erie, Colorado, USA
Lyubar Town Leader
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