Farmlands now part of Warszawa #warsaw #poland

Drexler <asleuth@...>

I am trying to trace my father's family in Warszawa. They owned
farmland with several houses in what were the outskirts of Warszawa
pre-WWII. I have found out that it is now part of the city of
Warszawa. The area was called Ochota, the family name was Grabski
(spelling changed to Grabsky in the US). Would I be able to find out
any information about the family in the land records, and if so would it
tell me who owns the property now. I do not think the Grabskis still
own it but the records might tell me how long they had the land. I have
an autobiography written by a grand uncle with street names and house
addresses of where the family lived >from the time he was three years of
age until the family emigrated to the US. His parents owned a pottry
shop for a while. I believe it was his mother's parents who owned the
farm - his father took his mother's surname when he lived with the
family after becoming an orphan.
Anita Drexler
Miami, Florida

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