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Hi Hadassah,
I thought you were going to send me some work?
David and Tina Gurtler
Jerusalem, Israel

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In response to Flora's questions.....

Did Miriam transcribe just the indexed years or has she created indices
those years where such indices do not exist?
Miriam doesn't even look at the index. She painstaking reviewed each
individual record and recorded the information. As anyone would know who
has looked at the Warszawa LDS films, the indexing is very poor.
you will come upon an index but it only covers letters G-K. What happened
to the rest? Is it the fault of that 19th Century clerk or the 20th
Century microfilmer? I don't know the answer.

Among the names in Warsaw that I am primarily researching is
Bienenfeld; also Birnbaum and Gesundheit.
I assume that you have searched the JRI-Poland database for these names.
The surname GESUNDHEIT is the name of the Chief Rabbi of Warsaw. He was
native of Warsaw and died in 1878.

Keep searching!

Hadassah Lipsius
Kew Gardens Hills, NY

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