Communicated by Denmark SIG Coordinator: #warsaw #poland

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Communicated by Denmark SIG Coordinator:

Denmark SIG might be of interest to you if you have or have had
ancestors or relatives in Denmark.

It might also prove helpful because of the online passenger lists
for emigrants that passed through Denmark. At times the Danish
shipping lines were cheaper than others, and emigrants therefore
chose to go to or via Denmark. All who bought a ticket through
one of the Danish shipping lines agents are in the online searchable
databases of the Dansih Emigration Archives:

The Immigration Museum has online searchable database for
1. naturalisations
2. issued work permits
3. persons expelled >from Denmark
the website can be found at:

Although the name is "Denmark SIG" it is endeavoured to cover as far
as I can the other parts of Scandinavia, because the mobility was
very significant. So you might find someone born in Latvia, married
in Sweden, having children born in Norway and later on in Sweden or/
Denmark, living in Denmark and the father working in Sweden, etc.

There is also some information on the Northern part of Germany
(Schleswig-Hostein) because that it belonged to Denmark for a long time.
The first Danish Jews were invited to settled there in 1622!

Many of the members of Denmark SIG are experienced and knowledgable
genealogists and historians, so if you are in need of help or want
some information, please subscribe to the Denmark SIG discussion
group and post your requests for help or information there.

You can join Denmark SIG - as all the other SIGs - by going to
JewishGen's webpage:

and follow the instructions (be sure to check the box in front of the
SIG you want to subscribe to!!)

But do not write to me personally, regrettably I do not have the
time to help individual researchers, and I don't have time to send
a polite reply either. (I get about 5-10 a day sometimes!).
I haven't even had time for my own research for the past year!

Best wishes for a happy 2001
and for your research

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & Webmaster of JewishGen Denmark SIG

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