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Pierre KOGAN

Dear Jewishgenners,

I suppose that my KAGAN (or KOGAN) uncles were living in Poland (Warsaw)=20
from 1903 to 1940-41...
1=B0) Is it possible to have death records in Warsaw of
my grandfather KAGAN Meer, 1865 Odessa- 9 july 1933 Warsaw
and my grandmother EIGEL (EJCIEL) Lea, . 1872 Odessa- 26=20
november 1924 Warsaw.
I have pictures of their graves.
They fled ( pogroms) >from Odessa to Warsaw, # 1903, with 2 children (my=20
father, born 1893 and an other boy, Leo, born 1898.
where 5 other children were born:
Wolf, Moses, Josef, Berek and Ethel.

2=B0) 3 children (Moses and Berek) + my father, Jacob David, came to=
Moses, Moise KOGAN, born on 10 march 1903 Warsaw - 1942 Paris ->=
Berek, Boris KAGAN born on 7 june 1907 Warsaw - 1998, France
For his marriage in Paris (1932), he had to ask for a birth certificate in=
Warsaw, where was written: "house n=B01085. birth act in the registry office=
for no Christian people at the 8th police station, under the number=20
When my father, Jacob David KOGAN was asking for French citizen=20
ship, he needed also some certificates.
one of them, translated in French, pointed out an address on 10/9/1923, in=
"register of non permanent population: house N=B0 24-5 Pravda ( # illegible)=
Street 8th. ward"
I suppose that it was the address of the parents Kagan-Ejciel in Warsaw
3=B0) 4 children remained in Poland:
Leo KAGAN born on 26 feb 1898 in Odessa, goldsmith, who visited us=
in France in 1938.
He married probably in Warsaw.
Wolf KAGAN, pharmacist (?).
Josef KAGAN, born about 1915 Warsaw.
Ethel KAGAN.

Is it possible to find records (birth, marriage, death, children)??
Thanks an advance for answering.
Pierre KOGAN
F- Strasbourg

Pierre Kogan
Strasbourg, FRANCE

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