Yizkor Book Project, June 2002 report #poland #warsaw

Joyce Field

June 2002 update for Yizkor Book Project

I am constantly amazed that even when we have a "short" month, our
staff manages to produce a huge amount of work. Lance Ackerfeld, our
QA /HTML Coordinator, was away a good part of June; but he is so
well -organized that the work flow moved along at a good clip before
he left, during his absence, and after he returned and pulled it all
together. Thanks to all the donors and translators who submitted
their work early in the month so that it could be htmled while Lance
was away.

In June we were able to get online 3 new yizkor books, 12 new entries
(11 of which were >from the Pinkas HaKehillot), and 11 updates. We
now have 337 books and 419 entries on the translations page,
<http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/translations.html>, where new
material and updated books have flags for a month so you can easily
identify them.

We are pleased to announce that the Jewish Public Library of Montreal
has been added to our database with 459 books, including17 books that
are new to our database. Thus, there are now 1,027 towns in our
database, 1245 books, 53 libraries, and 10,036 library call numbers.
Thanks to Martin Kessel for updating the database. See

New Books Added in June:

-Klimontow, Poland
-Milhaileni, Romania
-Sokoly, Poland

New entries:

Bukowina: "Geschichte der Juden," new chapter, "The Oldest Societies,
Institutions and Organizations of Bukovina"

-Pinkas HaKehillot:
-Latvia: Liepaja (Libau)
-Lithuania: Plunge

Updated Books:
-Belchatow, Poland
-Buchach, Ukraine
-Dubossary, Moldova
-Golhany, Belarus
-Khorostkov, Ukraine
-Kielce, Poland
-Minsk, Belarus
-Piesk, Belarus
-Sochaczwew, Poland
-Shchuchin (Szczyczyn), Belarus
-Suchowola, Poland

The Pinkas HaKehillot collection contains seven volumes just for the
area that was Poland between the two world wars. Thus far we have
online the following number of translations >from these books on

Volume1: (Lodz region): 37 towns
Volume 2: (Eastern Galicia): 18 towns
Volume 3: (Western Galicia): 7 towns
Volume 4: (Warsaw Region): 3 towns
Volume 7: (Kielce and Lublin): 4 towns

You may ask why the Lodz region has so many more translations than
any of the other regions. That is because Morris Wirth took the
initiative to coordinate getting every town in that volume translated
and his efforts are paying off. Any one else who would like to
"adopt" a region can emulate his efforts. Please contact me for

We are always eager to get additional translations of Pinkas
HaKehillot chapters. Our current translations are indexed at
<http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/translations.html> under Regions and
also alphabetically under the modern town name. When you decide to
translate a chapter or submit a translation that was previously done,
please send me an email with the town name, geographical coordinates,
volume and page numbers where the chapter appears, and I will secure
permission >from Yad Vashem. And if you are interested in starting a
yizkor book translation project, please read the information at
<http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/donation/> and then contact me at

Thanks again for your continuing interest in the Yizkor Book Project.
I hope to meet many of you in Toronto in August.

Joyce Field

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