Re: New Warszawa Data #poland #warsaw

Nicole Berline <Nicole.Berline@...>

Dear Hadassah

I have been sleeping for two weeks ...
I will be very happy to enter the 1832 Taryffa Domow. However I looked at
it at the Bibliotheque Polonaise in Paris several years ago, and noticed
very few jewish names. Is is also useful for the hypoteka-street numbers
correspondance as are the later books ?

Love and congratulations
Nicole Berline

Hadassah Lipsius wrote:

Warszawa Research Group- Warszawa Homeowners List Project.---------

The WRG has so far created databases for the Homeowners list for 1852, 1869
and 1870. The database can be found on Jewishgen at During my
recent trip to Warszawa, I was able to obtain a copy of the 1832 homeowners
list or Taryffa Domow. I am looking for a volunteer to help do the data
entry. This is typed information and you don't have to spend time trying
to decipher handwriting. Please contact me if you are able to help.

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