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Miriam Saltzman <whatever399@...>

Hello, my name is Miriam Saltzman. I'm new to this list. My grandfather,
Allen (Eliyahu Yaakov) SALTZMAN is >from Warsaw. His mother was Rivkah Rachel
SALTZMAN nee ORLANSKY, and his father is Mattisyahu Saltzman >from Warsaw.
Their children are my grandfather, Gertrude (Gittel), Harry (Hershel) and
Leah. They all come to the US in the 1920-1930's except for Rivkah Rachel
who died before the war and Leah and her family who were killed in the
Holocaust.My family name used to be Tepper, but my g-grandfather or someone a
few generations back changed it to his aunts name Saltzman to avoid
conscription into the Russian army in Chelm. Some family is still Tepper and
related. I have a great grandfather or someone who was form Chelm and also I
beleive some family in Lodz. They settled in Milwaukee, WI.
If anyone knows about them or something, please tell me.
Miriam Saltzman
Milwaukee, WI

Interested in:
SALTZMAN, ORLANSKY, TEPPER, Warsaw, Chelm and Lodz Poland
KLEINERMAN - Shpikov, Ukraine
ALTSHUL, ALTSHULL -Bobruisk, Belarus

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