Views of Old Warsaw #poland #warsaw

Peter Lebensold <lebensold@...>

For those who may be seeking photographs of buildings in pre-WWII Warsaw
associated with their families, there is more good news:

In addition to the two websites we have already heard of here - namely =

The "Architecture of Pre-War Warsaw" website at

and ...

The website of old postcard views of Warsaw at =20

... Ryszard (at the "Architecture of Pre-War Warsaw" website) has just =
me about another online collection of old postcard views. This one is
called "Old Warsaw", and it can be found at=20

One thing that sets this well-designed website apart is that, for each =
a small map shows exactly where, and which way, the camera would have =
pointed to take that shot. Click on "Mapa", and select the area of the =
that interests you. Click on "Biegiem" for a whole collection of views =
Marszalkowska Street, keyed to two maps that cover the full length of =

Peter Lebensold

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