Re: Warsaw Gymnasium and school records #poland #warsaw

Kris Murawski <kris.murawski@...>

"Gimnazjum" is not the name of a school. High school education in Poland
was divided in four years of "gimnazjum" followed by two years of "liceum".
You would have to know which "gimnazjum" in Warsaw your father attended.
The postal address of Warsaw University is Uniwersytet Warszawski,
Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa.

My father attended the Warsaw Gymnasium in the 1920s. Can anyone tell me
where it was located and does it still exist? Did a Gymnasium offer
elementary and secondary education or just secondary/high school
Can anyone refer me to a picture of it? Where could I locate my father's
school records? He also attended the University of Warsaw in the 1930s.
anyone have an email or postal address for their school records archives
Thank You,
George Mason (Mozeson)

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