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Hello again:

My impression is that there are presently over 50 gymnasia (middle =
in Warsaw. To have any hope of finding whether any records still exist, =
think you'd need to know the name of the gymnasium. Perhaps, if (see my
earlier response) you are able to locate your father's university =
that would tell you >from which gymnasium he graduated.

Other stuff that might be helpful:

A posting here - just over a year ago - refers to a list of gymnasia at =
349 of the book "Zydzi w Warszawie" ("The Jews in Warsaw") written (in
Polish) by Marian Fuks.

There are old postcards, showing photos of a number of Warsaw schools, =
at ... and a few more at the
Architecture of Pre-War Warsaw site =
(click on "indeks" at the very bottom of that page, then on "kliknij" =
after "Indeks obiektow" on the top of the next page, then under =
scroll down to "Szkoly").

Peter Lebensold

Peter Lebensold

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|Subject: [warszawa] Warsaw Gymnasium and school records
|My father attended the Warsaw Gymnasium in the 1920s. Can anyone tell =
|where it was located and does it still exist? Did a Gymnasium offer
|elementary and secondary education or just secondary/high school =
|Can anyone refer me to a picture of it? Where could I locate my =
|school records? He also attended the University of Warsaw in the 1930s.
|anyone have an email or postal address for their school records =
|Thank You,
|George Mason (Mozeson)
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