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Peter Lebensold <lebensold@...>

Back in February, Garry Mokotoff sent the Warszawa Research Group the

"From: Gary Mokotoff - Optimum []=20

In 1997 I went to Warsaw and one of the sites I visited looking for
documentation of Mokotow relatives was the archives of the University of
Warsaw. At that time, they were in the process of computerizing the =
of every student who attended the University >from about 1915 to the =
The only Mokotow in the database was a Riwka Mokotow. =20

The information they have in their archives can be very valuable. It
includes the application for admission which includes such information =
address and names of parents.

It also included a picture of the student.

Many of their Jewish students were murdered in the Holocaust and the =
may be the only surviving portrait of the person.

I doubt if they would respond to mail inquiries, but if you are going to
Warsaw, it might be worth a stop at the archives. The lookups are quick
because it is computerized. (I seem to recall they even had wildcard =

I note that the University of Warsaw has a pretty slick - and
English-language - website at =
There are email addresses aplenty for all sorts of departments, =
the Preservation and Conservation Department of the Library.

Peter Lebensold

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