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Dear Genners:
I heard that my grandfather MICHAEL KAPLANSKI went >from Warsaw to Kamenets
Litovsk before 1890 (then Poland, now Kamenets, Belarus).
There, he married my grandmother Fruma Rivka Solnitza and had three sons and
two daughters (Ayzik Berel, my father born in 1891, Yacov, Leib, Lea and
In the long time I was looking for my fathers ancestors I could find the
same surname but I do not know if we are related, in the following places:
1) Warsaw Phone Book 1939/1940 (through National Library >from Australia)
Kaplanska H., lek, desntysta, Pawia 54
Kaplanski I., agent filmowy, Jerozolimska 27
Kaplanski Miron, m., Twarda 32
2) Jewish Records Indexing - Poland - Warsaw Cemetery Records
Kaplanska Roza - Born 01 Nov 1913 - Died 01 Nov 1941
Kaplanska Tauba - ?
Kaplanska Towa - ?
Kaplanski Natan - Born 01 Nov 1899 - Died 01 Nov 1942
Kaplanski Natan - Born 01 Nov 1901 - Died 01 Nov 1942 ?
Kaplanski Majer - ?
3) Received >from Tomek Wisniewski - Bialystok
an Identity Card issued on 5 November 1935 by R. Universita degli studi di
Genova "Tessera di Riconoscimento" to
Kaplanski Meer, son >from Iankiel and Jenta Rozenfeld, born in Warsaw 0n 27
May 1913
Address: Noschifne 10/53, Warsaw
certifying that he has been registered at the University at the First
Academic Year of Medicine and Surgery for year 1936/1937

All my father's family was killed durnig WWII. Only my father survived
because he emigrated to Argentina in 1924 but he passed away in 1956.
I would like to know if somebody heard or knew about the persons I detailed
and if they can be related to my grandfather, Michael Kaplansky.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Please, answer privately.
Miguel Kaplansky
Mansilla 2431
(1121AAA) Buenos Aires
Phone/Fax: 54(Argentina) - 11 (Buenos Aires) - 4-963-7230

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