LICHTENSTEIN, LEIBMAN, ORENSTEIN: Pultusk Yizkor Book page 580 #poland #warsaw

Howard Orenstein

On page 580 of the Pultusk Yizkor Book, Yehoshua LICHTENSTEIN
remembers (the names of)
various relatives who died in the Holocaust. Some of these may be my
relatives as well.
First, does anyone know Yehoshua LICHTENSTEIN and whether he, his wife
(?) or his children (?)
are still alive?
Second, does anyone know of relatives of Itka LEIBMAN (lamed yod yod
bet mem alef nun), who was
Third, does anyone know of relatives of Malka LICHTENSTEIN (nee
ORENSTEIN), who was the wife
of Yaakov (Yankel) David ORENSTEIN?

If so, please contact me at the following address:
Westminster, MD

Howard B. Orenstein, Ph.D.
McDaniel College
Founded as Western Maryland College
Westminster, MD 21157

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