researching land records and family records #poland #warsaw


I have been researching my family >from Warszawa for some time and have
information >from various relatives regrading where the family lived until
most of them left for the United States between 1898 and 1915. My great
grandfather owned a farm in Ochota which had several homes on it as well as
his dairy and tinsmiths shop, The family also at one time owned a crockery
shop on Wspoolne Street (this is the spelling that my great uncle used in
his autobiography where he listed all the street names and house numbers
where the family lived until they left Warszawa.) I have been told that
where the farm was there is now housing, depending on who I believe it is
either a city owned apartment complex or very expensive mansion type homes
where the very rich of Warszawa live now. I recently was able to learn the
name of my great great grandfather but no longer have the address of where
I wrote ( and received and answer from) in Warszawa regarding the birth and
marriage certificates of the various family members. At the time I was
asked for the marriage date of my great grandparents, all I could supply was
an approximate date and only had the english names of the relatives. I now
have the names that they used while living in Warszawa. How do I get the
information I need now that I have the names and some of the dates I was
asked to provide? Can any one help?

Anita Drexler Houston, Texas searching GRABSKI/GRABSKY , BERNSTEIN and
MODEL Warszawa, Poland

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