Translation of 1834 Polish Marriage Document-correction #poland #warsaw

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Correction: The 1834 marriage records needing translation are in =
not Russian. The family lived in the Lodz and Warsaw area. The =
was in Opoczno. But, it looks like the family was >from Piotrkow and
possibly Lodz. I can't read the document very well and could use help. =

The 1834 marriage document is in 5 parts.=A0 The document was so large, =
it had to be cut into 6 parts (only 5 were allowed to be posted at 1 =
I would like some help translating them >from Poland to English.=A0=20

Part 1:=A0 Groom Mortka

Part 2:=A0 Bride Ruchla

Part 3:=A0 Info on Bride and Groom: (accidental dublicate of Part 1)

Part 4:=A0 Info about the synagogue and witnesses:

Part 5 (normally part 1 of a record):=A0 Info about the town and date =
marriage took place:

Thank you,
Tom Erribe
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